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Jul 18th, 2010

The Crop Over Festival

Spawning approximately fourteen weeks during the months of May, June, July and August, the Crop Over Festival celebrates the tradition of the last harvest and delivery of sugar canes for the season. Today, in its modern phase, the festival has evolved to become a series of activities involving both entertainment and heritage events.

Beginning with the Super Six Cavalcades in May, continuing with the Heritage Fairs which will highlight artists and crafts people in their respective villages, to the spectacle of the big stage shows with pyrotechnics, coloured and flashing lights and booming sound systems in August, the year’s festival will envelope locals and visitors in a Bajan cultural experience through its duration.

From tranquil rooms which house exhibitions, such as the Central Bank sponsored Visual Arts and Crafts exhibition showing off the diverse talents of Bajan artists, to the bustling Bridgetown Market on Spring Garden Highway, the frenzied setting of the explosive Party Monarch, and in between the innocence of the Junior Kadooment and Junior Monarch, the Crop Over Festival is truly more than a carnival.

The theme this year is “Celebrating we heritage”, with the focus on engaging people more at the community levels. Perhaps no where will this be more exemplified than in the four new events called the Heritage Fairs, and the new Heritage Gala. Patrons to the fairs will be treated to traditional food, art and craft, games and music in an environment geared specially for families in some of the island’s most historic sites.

Crop Over has something for everyone – locals and visitors alike. Its moments will prove memorable and true to its slogan: “More than a Carnival …Sweet fuh Days!”